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Play the leading role in managing your diabetes. Take charge of your health with new tools from Diabetes Canada.

What, when, why? Understanding A1C

Press play to view a short video animation that will help you learn more about your A1C. Find out how this test can give you and your health-care provider information about your blood sugar, including your risk of developing complications such as problems with your eyes or kidneys.

New diabetes tools

You are the most important member on your health-care team. As you live day-to-day with diabetes, only you know how you feel and what kind of care plan works for you.

To help you personalize your care plan, Diabetes Canada has launched a set of new tools to help you take charge of your health. These tools, created with leading health-care experts, will help you find a blood sugar checking pattern that’s right for you, discover things about blood pressure and your feet that you need to check and keep track of, and develop an action plan to set and meet your goals. In addition, you can learn who in your community can help you reach your goals.

A number of these new tools are interactive, while others are downloadable resources that you can save, print, use to add information, or just keep a record on your computer. Using these tools for your goals and care needs will help you personalize a plan that works for you!

Self-monitoring of blood glucose tools

Do you often wonder how frequently you should check your blood sugar? Use this interactive tool to help you develop a blood sugar testing plan that is right for you.

You can also print out or download and save our blood sugar log pages to record your numbers, medications, vitamins and other supplements.

Build your diabetes team

Who is on your diabetes health-care team? Watch Angie’s story to see how health-care providers can help a person with diabetes access the care they need.

Me, my health and my diabetes team

Know your team. Stay connected. Prepare for your diabetes care. Live well.

What does your diabetes health-care team look like? In addition to your doctor, nurse, pharmacist and dietitian, there are many other people who can make up part of your team.

Your diabetes health-care team is there to help you live well with diabetes, but you need to stay connected. Use any of the following tracking tools to help you.

  • Keep track of your health-care team (Faites connaissance avec votre équipe): List the members of your diabetes health-care team and keep track of their contact information. Help your team members communicate with you and each other. [Download PDF / Télécharger le PDF]
  • My Diabetes Care: Not just about blood sugars: Bring this form to all of your diabetes-focused visits so each member of your diabetes team is on the same page. Share to improve your care! [Download PDF / French version coming soon]

Remember, your diabetes care needs may change over time. These tools will help you stay up-to-date and will help you and your health-care team stay connected.

Diabetes action plan

Using an action plan tool can help you set the right goals and gather the support you need to reach your goals. Whether it is changing your eating pattern, setting a goal for physical activity, or reducing stress, creating an action plan is proven to help you take charge.

Professional resources

Are you a health-care provider looking for the Clinical Practice Guidelines and for point-of-care tools that you can use in practice? Visit guidelines.diabetes.ca for the newest tools for use at point-of-care, plus searchable Guidelines, slides and videos.